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Further, any person convicted or adjudicated in another jurisdiction of an offense that can be classified as one of the offenses listed within the above code. Any person required to register in another jurisdiction, upon establishing sufficient presence in Tennessee, must register in Tennessee. Regardless of classification, these offenders will remain on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry for life.

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There are some exceptions that are misdemeanor or fine only offenses. Access to Information: All offenders are shown on the internet, pursuant to Tennessee state law.

Adjudicated Juvenile Offenders are not shown on the internet. Code Ann. Back to the Top.

Eight out of 10 sexual assaults are committed by someone who knows the victim.

A registered sexual offender must update his or her registration information within 10 days following any change in residence. A sexual offender who is placed on probation or parole in another state for an offense that would be classified as a sexual offense in Tennessee and who is residing in Tennessee is subject to the same registration requirements as an offender who is on probation or parole for a sexual offense committed in Tennessee.

Tn felony offender search apk

A sexual offender who lives in another state but works or goes to school in Tennessee must register within 10 days after coming into a municipality or county in which he or she is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student. No sooner than 10 years after termination of active supervision on probation, parole, or any other alternative to incarceration or no sooner than 10 years after discharge from incarceration without supervision, a registered sexual offender may file a petition in the circuit court of the county in which he or she resides for an order relieving him or her of the duty to register.

If the court finds that the registered sexual offender has complied with the registration requirements, is rehabilitated, and does not pose a threat to the safety of the public, he or she will be relieved of his or her duty to register. Knowing falsification of a sexual-offender registration or verification form constitutes a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense, punishable by confinement in the county jail for no less than days.

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A subsequent violation is a Class E felony. For all offenses committed prior to July 1, , information reported on sexual-offender registration forms, verification forms, and acknowledgement forms is confidential; however, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a local law-enforcement agency, or a local law-enforcement agency of any institution of higher education must release relevant information deemed necessary to protect the public concerning a specific registered sexual offender.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation maintains an online Sex-Offender Registry for registered sexual offenders who committed sexual offenses on or after July 1, All animals adopted are spayed or neutered, have age appropriate vaccinations and testing, and are microchipped with registration. Even if you are not ready to adopt, you can help the Animal Shelter.

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